Rachel Bair




Husband: Patrick
Children: Adam, Kelly, Tori and David, Jade and Granddaughter Aida

Previous line of Work:

Worked in a Butchery in New Zealand, Childcare


Book(s): The Bible and books based on real life stories
Food: Mexican and Asian Foods
TV Show: Cooking Shows, Movies based on real life stories
Place to Pray: Anywhere
Hobbies: Playing Guitar
Sports Team: All Blacks, Seattle Seahawks
Sports: Rugby, Football
Vacation Place: Caribbean, New Zealand

Least Favorite Food:

Fish, Mushrooms

One of my greatest experiences with God:

In the Fall of 2014 I personally went through some very difficult situations, one of which was the death of my Father. Even though it was very tough, the hope I have as a believer is that I’ll see him again. I couldn’t imagine going through this without God, as I knew it was Him who carried me through it and continues to do so.

Most people don’t know this about me:

Born and raised in New Zealand and I have an identical twin. Also worked in Butchery for 4 years and was able to, for the most part, bone out a side of beef.