Pastor Mike Towler




Wife: Lisa
Children: Charles and Grace

Previous line of Work:

Welding/Fabrication/Inspection for Entertainment & Oil/Gas Industry


Book(s): The Bible, Chronicles of Narnia
Food: AW Root Beer in a Frosty Mug, BBQ, Lisa’s Pumpkin waffles…
TV Show: The Unit, then it got cancelled so I don’t watch TV anymore : )
Place to Pray: Early Morning anywhere, preferably with coffee
Hobbies: Tactical games with Mag-Fed Paintball markers, I’m planning on adding to this list in Oregon…
Sports Team: Angels, Anaheim Ducks
Sports: Baseball, Nascar, Hockey, Snowboarding, Surfing
Vacation Place: Oregon, but now we live here, so ….

Least Favorite Food:

Tripe, Octopus, anything of the chewy-it’s-really-not-edible-no-matter-how-much-butter-and-salt-you-put-on-it category….

One of my greatest experiences with God:

Watching God’s love overwhelm and heal a hurting heart.

Most people don’t know this about me:

I was in a Christian band named Holy Cow. We made a total of 1 EP album titled Chrysanthemum. You can still find it on the internet. I didn’t pick the Band name and finally was able to change it to The Glovers before we all got married and the band broke up.