Andrea Anderson


Husband: Matthew
Children: Adelaide, Chase

Previous line of Work:

Office/Billing Manager for Wellness Center


Book(s): Bible (cliche, maybe…?) Spiritual Disciplines of a Christian Life
Food: Tacos, because they’re the closest thing to a burrito without the wheat tortilla.
TV Show: Are you actually asking for my favorite, or the most watched? Because with a 5 y.o. in the house there isn’t a lot of time to watch non-kid shows. But if I had to choose a show that I would watch again and again it would be When Calls the Heart.
Place to Pray: Car, out loud.
Hobbies: Baking, Writing.
Sports Team: NA
Sports: NA
Vacation Place: The beach, Oregon Coast style.

Least Favorite Food:

Tomatoey Stuff

One of my greatest experiences with God:

The most transformative experience I had was the moment He became Lord in my life. After being raised in the church, accepting Christ at a young age, sin would eventually plague my family. The consequences were divorce, anger, resentment, brokenness. I spent years denying God’s existence, running to all the wrong places and people for healing and hope and love. Only finding more pain and scars and committing the most outrageous of sins. For years I ran from Him, until one day, out of nowhere, I hit my knees and proclaimed, “God, I can’t do this alone anymore.” The state of wholeness that came from submitting to Him was indescribable. Since that recommitment in 2009 I have loved and followed God imperfectly.

Most people don’t know this about me:

I have been so devastated by the enemies attacks and so shaken by the sparkle of the world that I want to do all I can to help women avoid the same struggles.