Doubting Jesus…Questioning His Plan

Now is the right time to believe.

For not even His brothers were believing in Him. So Jesus said to them, “My time is not yet here, but your time is always opportune.” (John 7:5–6)

Many people say, “Timing is everything.” Jesus had a divine timetable that He was following, set for Him by His father. This timetable began in Genesis 3 when man sinned, and will be completed in Revelation 22 when the redemption is complete and everything associated with sin is removed. In the meantime, there are many seasons of redemptive history that take place. We experience those seasons of redemption within our own life. A season of events where we can chose to believe or reject Jesus as Savior.

The brothers of Jesus were advising Him to go down to Judea and address the Judean disciples in Jerusalem because that’s what people did when they wanted to promote themselves. Jesus pushed back against that advice because He was following His Father’s timeline, not human wisdom. Jesus said, “My time is not yet here, but your time is always opportune.” What was Jesus talking about?

Jesus’ brothers did not believe in Him at this time. So instead of advising Jesus how to become more popular with people, they should have considered their own perception of Jesus. He had been revealing Himself publicly as the Messiah for the last two years and they were witnesses of this revelation. The time was now for them to believe in Jesus who was standing before them. Think about how God prepared this season in their life to believe; they were the brothers of Jesus. You don’t get much closer than that and yet they didn’t believe. Jesus wanted His brothers to come to faith in Him and be saved.

Maybe you are in a season of redemption right now. You recognize the value of the ministry of Jesus but you have never really believed in Him as Savior. Has God orchestrated events in your life to believe? The time is now, this is the right time to believe in Jesus and receive eternal life.

Pastor Cary Wacker

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