Delegated Authority

The Apostles were Jesus’ commissioned witnesses and representatives to the world. It was Jesus’ intention to come and fulfill all that was given to Him by His Father, which was the redemptive mission to save mankind. Then Jesus was to delegate authority to His disciples to fulfill their mission with “delegated authority and the power of the Holy Spirit” until Jesus was to return at the end of the church age.

What is delegated authority? The term “apostle” means one who is sent on a mission as a delegate or emissary on behalf of a leader. The eleven disciples were given power by Jesus to establish, build up, and govern the universal church of believers who are redeemed, the ones called out of the world and called into the Kingdom of God under the authority of Jesus. Christ-followers are delegates who are to represent Jesus through the proclamation of the gospel, calling people into faith and baptism and the training in the teachings of Jesus while demonstrating love for God and love for one another.

What is the source of the delegate’s power that gives them guidance and authority? The power and presence of the Holy Spirit. The teachings of Jesus are to be Spirit-filled and Spirit-inspired. Christians are to speak and promote Jesus and not themselves. Christians are to be leaders in the church, their homes, and communities. Christians have power and authority over Satan and his demons. The church must be led by Spirit-empowered leaders who serve as the delegated authority of Jesus in order to accomplish the mission of Jesus. Clearly, this mission is preaching a redemptive gospel message, calling people to faith, and training people in righteousness. The delegated authority is not an office for the elite but the mission of every person who names the name of Jesus as Lord and Savior.

If you are a Christ-follower, you have received delegated authority. You are on mission until Jesus returns or takes you home. As a representative of Jesus, are you fulfilling your calling? How are you representing Jesus to non-Christians, to your family, in leadership, and in your community?

Pastor Cary

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