Do You Love Jesus?

Hearts, Chocolates, Cards and Roses were sold by the thousands this past week to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  The question of, “Who Do you Love?” is on display as the cards and candy hearts get delivered. 
There is no hallmark card for us to give Jesus, although he might appreciate it.  There is no candy or baskets of cookies that we can give our Lord to prove our love for Christ.  
Although that’s true, we treat our relationship with God sometimes in the same way we treat Valentine’s Day.  I’m always amazed at how we approach love with a self-centered, get what I want out if it kind of attitude and then wonder why the other person feels like we don’t love them.  The question for this Sunday morning is, “Do you Love Jesus?”  Not the way you want to love him, but the way He says he wants to be loved.
There is an idea that we buy into that if we just go to church enough, read our Bible enough, or make sure our Facebook posts are filled with memes about our faith that somehow we are proving our Love of Jesus.  Even though those things might be great things to do, the challenge I ask you this Sunday is, “Do you Love Jesus?”  In John 14:15-24 Jesus tells us how to show our Love to Him.  I love this, because not only does he make it clear to us, but in so doing He challenges us to a different way of life.  A way of life that shows the Love of Christ, not just to others but also to Him! 

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