How Can This Be . . .

“For nothing will be impossible with God.” (Luke 1:37, NASB95)

Many people say, “This can never happen, or it is impossible?” Mankind, in general, and the modern church both suffer from the same conditions of weak faith, little faith, and no faith. The world is surrounded by demonic propaganda that seeks to question God, His sovereignty, and omnipotent ability to be God. Believers read the Bible and say they believe in God for salvation, but when it comes to facing modern needs, those same believers say their God is too small and, consequently, paralyzed by fear. Fear-based decisions are a trap that once fear has ahold of you is not easily released. (Proverbs 29:25)

Now, no one will ever say, “God is too small” out loud, but they demonstrate this belief in how they live. People doubt God’s sovereignty and omnipotence in how they evaluate God’s abilities based on human presuppositions. For example, people say; it is impossible to create something out of nothing. It is impossible for the dead to rise again. It is impossible for a virgin to give birth to a child, as was the case when Mary was told about giving birth to Jesus.

Doubt was Mary’s dilemma. It was not so much about her having a child, although that was the immediate crisis; the larger disbelief is, “How can this promise of God be true in my life? This is impossible!” The angel’s answer, “Nothing, not any word will be impossible with God.” And hearing these words, Mary believed and submitted to the power and promise of God in her life.

If God holds all of creation that He created in His hands, and He does, then is there any word or promise of God that is impossible? Rather than live in fear and doubt of perceived impossibilities, walk in the assurance of the promises of God and trust the Word of God.

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