Kristine Johnson


Husband: Jason
Children: Jack, Joe and Josh


Previous line of Work:

10+ years as a Shift Supervisor for Starbucks Coffee, 7+ years as a discussion leader for BSF (volunteer), 4 years as a children’s leader for BSF (volunteer)


Book/Books: The Covenant by James Michener, To Kill a Mocking Bird, The Elegant Universe by Brian Green, Christianity Through the Centuries by Earle E. Cairns
Food: Rhubarb pie
TV Show: X-Files, Masterpiece Theater
Place to Pray: In bed
Hobbies: Making things, right now I’m learning the Ukulele
Sports Team:
Vacation Place: Anywhere there is a warm beach and an ocean I can swim in

Least Favorite Food:

Foamy ice cream

One of my greatest experiences with God:

Crying out to Him in desperation and being heard and helped.

Most people don’t know this about me:

I would have liked to have been an Astrophysicist. I can carry six jugs of milk at once.