Pure Perception

““Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (Matthew 5:8, NASB95)

Oswald Chambers once said, “Seeing is never believing: we interpret what we see in the light of what we believe. Faith is confidence in God before you see God emerging, therefore the nature of faith is that it must be tried.”

Human presuppositions and perceptions can be very deceptive. People often believe their perception is reality, yet all human perception first runs through a human filter. Man’s filter is limited by secular experience and worldly information. Secular sources of information that form perceptions are by nature imperfect; therefore, natural perception is always going to be imperfect. If this is true and it is, how can a person have a pure and true understanding of life and God? Without a pure heart, it is impossible to have a correct perspective on life.

A clear and true perception of life and God begins with a pure source. The only pure source that can create an accurate perception is God Himself. God reveals Himself through the following sources; Creation, the written Word of God, and His only Son, Jesus. All three of these sources of truth are then translated into the heart and mind via the Holy Spirit. When the heart of man has been transformed by the truth of God, then God can be seen and perceived. The revelation of God begins with faith that God is. And from that point of purity, man can begin to see God.

How does one come to a faith that sees God? Faith comes by hearing from God, and God has sent His prophets such as Moses, Elijah, and even John the Baptist to turn people’s hearts towards God. God has given His Word that reveals all that we need to know about God and how to live in a relationship with Him. God has empowered believers with the Holy Spirit in order to know God personally. Finally, God has sent His Son, Jesus incarnate, to reveal the Father to mankind.

The heart that believes that God is and has been purified will see God. Believing is seeing, and it is faith that gives the pure in heart eyes to see God. Let God correct your vision by purifying your heart so that you can see God.

Pastor Cary

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