Recount What God Did!

Psalms 9:1 “I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.”

It’s so easy to get frustrated, depressed, and down with the situations that cause us pain and trials. And yet, the solution we find over and over again in Scripture is to remember God’s faithfulness in our lives. To recount to ourselves and others what God has done. It’s almost like when you really miss Summer in the darkness and cold of Winter, so you try and imagine that trip to the tropical warmth of Hawaii or memories of last Summer when it was 100+ degrees outside. I know you know what I’m talking about.

One of the beautiful things about the Psalms, especially Psalms of David, is the recounting of what God did for him. The accounts of David’s life and God’s presence are right there in the Old Testament, and we have the blessings of the Psalms to show us the emotion and the praises that those moments produced.

In Psalms 9, David starts by saying the truth we’re talking about up front. “I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.” (Psalms 9:1, NASB) What follows in Psalms 9 is a recounting of the times God stepped into the battles David had with his enemies and the things David saw God do up until that point in David’s life.

The Psalms, in general, are beautiful reminders of the faithfulness of God and the human expression and struggle with life. In Jewish culture, the Psalms are still proclaimed, sung, and read to help God’s people stay in that place of understanding that God’s faithfulness is the thing that gets us through trials and frustrations.

This is how God has taught me to think about it. God’s provision and blessings remind me when money is tight that, He is faithful and provides. God’s grace reminds me that even though we might not see that person walking with God now, God’s not done with their story. God’s love reminds me that He loves me despite my sometimes unlovable nature and that I should show His kind of love when I experience someone else’s unlovable nature.

So here is the encouragement for the week. Give thanks for the things that God has done in your life in the past week, month, or year. Then tell yourself and others, out loud, the story of God’s faithfulness in your life. You will probably find, as I have, that this can have a profound emotion-changing, grumpy fighting, smile-producing impact on your life.

Telling of His wonderful works with you,
Pastor Mike

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