Eye exam time comes for me every January. So a few weeks back, I drove over the hill and enjoyed the thrilling experience of an eye exam. During the Eye exam, the doctor kept saying the same thing over and over, “is it number one or number 2” as the lenses focused in and out, dialing in the correct prescription for me. At one point, I always ask myself, how does she know based on the 20 different times I said 1 or 2 what lenses to prescribe? My anxiety about this mystery is usually calmed once I fill the prescription, and low and behold, I can see!

Much like an eye exam, the Lord calls us as believers back into focus. We should be in a constant state of “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author, and perfecter of our faith,” as Hebrews 12:2 states. This week in my devotions, the Lord led me to Luke 15. I wasn’t sure why until I read the chapter and saw the amazing focus of the chapter.

In Luke 15, we see the Pharisees and Scribes in all their religious muckity muck accusing Jesus of eating and sitting with tax collectors and sinners. OMG, SERIOUSLY WHAT WAS JESUS THINKING! I love that Jesus doesn’t shoot lasers out of his eyes and kill them; instead, he tells three stories to put them in their place. Three stories that draw them into the reality of God’s heart and purpose in reaching out to his creation.

All three stories have something or someone that is lost. All three stories have the response of the person who experienced the loss. All three stories end with a reminder that when the lost are found, Heaven rejoices! This chapter’s pointed message is don’t be religious, have the heart of God toward the Lost, and when one repents, rejoice like God does!

Man, this challenged my heart this week. The onslaught of frustrations about the future, the constant reminders everywhere that evil is right out in the open, and my own ability to become a religious Pharisee in how I see people had me unfocused and in need of correction.

Brothers and Sisters, rejoice in the work God is doing in the hearts of sinners! Rejoice that there are people who are coming to faith in Christ! Rejoice that even the vilest person in this world has the opportunity to be saved by the Living God through repentance and faith in Christ! Man, that’s the focus we need to have.

I want to encourage you this week to read Luke 15 and refocus on what matters, Christ and Him Crucified and sharing the Good News of God’s salvation to the Lost, The Least, and the Marginalized.

Praying your trip to the Eternal Eye Doctor goes well,

Pastor Mike

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