Steve Hotra


Wife: Connie
Children:  Daughter and son-in-law, Stefanie and Chris Overstreet. Granddaughter Brielle Shalom Daughter Allie Hotra. Granddaughter Amadie Cherish 


Previous line of Work:

Recycling Manager at a So Cal trash company / Material Recovery Facility


Book(s): The Bible, and biographies (life stories) 
Food:  All things beef, chicken and fish ( organic and pesticide free) 
TV Show: Sci Fi nerd: Star Trek (original and TNG)
Place to Pray: In the mornings with my daily prayer journal and in my truck ( talking to God) 
Hobbies: Music ( what else?). Playing, listening and learning all styles and genres. Especially old Americana – traditional bluegrass worship songs. And I’m trying to get better at playing my pedal steel guitar. 
Sports Team: LA Dodgers and Anaheim Angels, Portland Trailblazers and UCLA. 
Sports:  Baseball, football and Basketball. Always rooting for the underdog. 
Vacation Place: Israel and the Swiss Alps. Next dream destination: Ukraine ( visit my roots) 

Least Favorite Food: 


One of my greatest experiences with God:

In 1979 at a middle school bible study, I made a commitment at 12 years old to follow Jesus. Started a Christian band in 1975 and played throughout California. In 1999, we moved to the Vancouver WA area to become a Pastor of Music / Worship. Forward to 2019, I have been “wrecked” by the love / power of the Holy Spirit. He has poured wisdom, insights and healing that I have never experienced before. Jesus continues to teach me new things everyday. I am grateful and humbled for the people He has brought into my life: new “sons and daughters” and brothers and sisters of all ages.

Most people don’t know this about me:

That I have Ukrainian / Swiss heritage: hence my love for dark chocolate and leaning how to play various stringed instruments (mandolin, banjo, lap steel etc) And that I was in a touring Christian band in the mid 1970’s.. we called ourselves Full Sail (after a Loggins and Messina album)