Pastor Tom Adams




Wife: Valerie
Children: Matthew, Nathaniel, Luke

Previous line of work:

This has always been my line of work


Book(s): The Bible, Sherlock Holmes: the Complete Novels, Lord of the Rings, Worship His Majesty by Jack Hayford, The Heart of the Artist by Rory Noland
Food: Greek Food, Lamb, a good Steak, Seafood, Mexican
TV Show: Mission Impossible
Place to Pray: On the beach or in the woods
Hobbies: Cooking, ping-pong, bike riding, hiking, bowling
Sports Team: Seattle Seahawks, L.A. Dodgers
Sports: Football, Basketball, Baseball
Vacation Place: Ocean Shores, WA

Least favorite food:


One of my greatest experiences with God:

My greatest experience with God took place late one Monday evening while I was in college. I was walking to my car around 10:15pm after my Music Theory class ended, still thinking about the lecture/discussion that had taken place for the past 2 hours and the thought hit me, “There are only 12 notes that can be put together to create music. These 12 notes, when put together, create melody. The same 12 notes, when put together, create chord progressions, which gives you harmony. Within harmony, these 12 notes create tension or release. These 12 notes cause people to feel sad, happy, excited, angry, free.” As I opened the door to my car, the overwhelming greatness of God hit me like a ton of bricks. I began to worship and praise God with a new, fresh appreciation and understanding of who God is and His incredible, infinite goodness, love and majesty.

Most people don’t know this about me:

I am 50% Albanian and make my Grandmother’s baklava to perfection. Of course, now the secret’s out.