Words That bring Joy

 “But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people;”(Luke 2:10, NASB95) C.S. Lewis once said, “Joy is the serious business of Heaven.”
Consider yourself as one of the shepherds out just doing your normal job. The air is still, and the sheep are bedded down for the night in the fields. Like any other night, you are on the watch for wolves, and the air is still. Perhaps your mind is wondering a bit about family or the chores to be done the next day, and then suddenly you feel the presence of someone next to you, and you turnaround. That individual speaks, saying, “Don’t be afraid.” No angel was floating in the sky, but the “kabad” or Shekinah glory of God was illuminating the scene. The brightness was a strong contrast to the darkness over the land, and a supernatural event is happening in the midst, and you are told, “Do not be afraid.” Have you ever tried to tell someone not to be afraid when they are terrified? It usually doesn’t work so well.
The angel then continues speaking, giving the reason not to be afraid. This heavenly evangelist says,
“I evangelize you great joy.” I tell you a good message of great joy, and this message is for all people. What is the message that the angel was bringing? Today a Savior is born for you who is the anointed one of God; the Messiah is born today. After all the years of waiting, the promise of God has arrived. The Jews were looking for a political savior that would bring in the golden era of peace and prosperity. A new kind of King has arrived, and with Him comes great joy. Born for you today is a new kind of King that brings a new kingdom that is beyond this world.
Many today are looking to find joy in their life. They seek social justice and reform from political and human leadership only to be greatly disappointed, resulting in joyless living. True joy will not come until you are born again, and Messiah Jesus is on the throne of your heart and life. Man is seeking joy with temporary solutions, but the only eternal gift of joy comes through the wonderful life of Jesus.

Pastor Cary

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